The Taliban’s Latest Recruit

djinn-abdul-aziz-ghazi.jpgThe Taliban’s latest¬†recruit is a fourteen-year-old boy, sent to assassinate an Afgani provincial governor by Abdul Aziz. Truly all Taliban are power-crazed¬†Djinn. story from Breitbart:

Rafiqullah, who goes by one name, told reporters that while attending a madrassa, or religious school, in Pakistan he and two other boys were separated from the rest of the students and trained to drive a car and made to watch videos of suicide bombers carrying out attacks.

The teenager said he walked across the Pakistan-Afghanistan border into Khost province, where a man named Abdul Aziz gave him a vest full of explosives. Rafiqullah said he told Aziz he was afraid of carrying out a suicide bombing, and Aziz pointed a gun at him and threatened to kill him if he did not.

[ ed. note: it’s not clear if it’s Aunty Aziz, or a different “Abdul Aziz”]

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