JFK Terrorist Update

trinid-w1.gifThe Los Angeles times gives more background on the plot this morning, and I applaud that they are covering it in detail and not blowing it off as something that would have never worked, etc. as some news outlets are.

What I wanted to focus on is this:

But they said some of the men whom Defreitas linked up with were militants or associates of militants. At least two were alleged to be longtime associates of Trinidad-based radical group Jamaat al Muslimeen.

The FBI and CIA have closely monitored the group since at least 1990, when it tried to overthrow the government of Trinidad and Tobago and replace it with one based on Islamic law.

Does that sound familiar? If not, how about this from Wikipedia’s entry on the group:

 These crimes include drug and gang related killings, rape and a current spree of kidnappings for ransom of members of the local upper and middle class. The organization and its leader have the reputation of antagonism to Trinidadians of Indian origin, that many consider racist. The Jamaat’s alleged crimes of kidnapping have mainly targeted Indian-Trinidadians. The organisation’s leader is currently being prosecuted with conspiracy to murder several of the group’s former members who had spoken out publicly against the Jamaat al Muslimeen and its practices, and who were suspected of becoming witnesses in legal proceedings against its members.

As of March 2007, three members of the Jamaat al Muslimeen have confessed to their role in the kidnapping, rape, and murder of an Indo-Trinidadian businesswoman; Vindra Naipaul-Coolman.

Currently they are under surveillance by the local National Security Agency as well as the United States Central Intelligence Agency for suspected terrorist relations with the Middle East, as are two other Muslim factions. 

The Islamists are bent on making every country subject to Islamic Law, and they are trying to do that through force. Where governments are weak, and poor, ignorant people plentiful they work to impose extreme shariat. This was during the Clinton Presidency, and you probably never heard much about it then. They’ve been at war with the west a long time, even if we haven’t.

Note also that capture of these terrorists would not have been possible before they acted in some manner if the New York Times had succeeded in stopping overseas intercepts of terrrorist calls.

Now think about this a minute: Could overthrow of the government of Trinidad and Tobago have anything to do with their policy in the mideast? Not likely. So. It’s not about the plight of the Palestinians, or Arab pride, or any of the conventional excuses for terrorism. It’s all about a dangerous ideology that wants to enslave the world.

LA times article here.