Virginia Tech Shooter Named

The Virginia Tech shooter was named this morning, he is Seung Cho Hui, a student in-country with legal visa from South Korea.

Whenever an evil person creates a tragedy like this some folks jump on the news feeding frenzy to gain notoriety for their political cause. That’s bound to happen again here.

 So for those who were ready to call this a terrorist event, not the case. For those wondering about illegal immigration, not the case. For gun control advocates; you are probably still holding with bated breath about whether the guns were legal or not.

 Regardless, all of the second guessing is non productive — what’s important is to recognize  that the responsibility for this goes to Seung Cho Hui, an evil man, now dead.

From Fox News:

Derek O’Dell, who was wounded in the arm in Norris Hall as the gunman opened fire in his German class, killing the instructor and presumably several students, said the shooter had “no specific target” and was “just taking out anybody he could.”

The media feeding frenzy will now jump on the University, the officials, and anyone else they can, second guessing everything. Sometimes that’s more destructive than constructive, before you join the fray think on what you are doing.


Both handguns were purchased legally under Virginia law well in advance of the shootings. I expect us to hear a chorus of gun control suggestions; and remain adamantly opposed to further controls for Citizens of the United States, the constitution is clear on this.

That said, the bill of rights protects the rights of “the people” generally interpreted to mean the citizens of the United States. Does this protection extend to visitors on Visa? Something that should be tested and interpreted in today’s environment, and perhaps something state legislatures should decide on. Should someone who gets off the plane from Waziristan be able to take a cab to a gun store and buy a hand-gun?

UPDATE: If you are a pro-blogger, you blog the buzz. I’m no pro, so even though the media will be glowing radioactive over this subject the next six weeks or more, this will be my final post on the Virginia Tech shooting, other than the remembrance of Liviu Librescu above this one.

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  1. It just amazes me that, not too long ago, Boston was criticised for their extreme reaction to the Sponge Bob promotion. Now the law enforcement authorities are being criticised for not reacting enough to an initial domestic disturbance. I wonder what the reaction would have been if the campus was locked down and it was a disturbance? It doesn’t bode well you start assuming the LE actions were not the best from the start or second-guessing actions taken. I can’t help but think about how people want prayer out of our schools but that is the first thing they ask for after a crisis.
    Also, The VT tragedy has already been put in the same sentence as the war in Iraq.

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