UK in Direct Talks With Iran

From Reuters:

LONDON (Reuters) – Britain is in “direct bilateral communication” with Iran as it tries to win the release of 15 detained sailors and marines, British Defense Secretary Des Browne said on Sunday.

“We are anxious that this matter be resolved as quickly as possible and that it be resolved by diplomatic means and we are bending every single effort to that,” Browne told BBC television. He declined to give details but said: “We are in direct bilateral communication with the Iranians.”

Little Green Footballs goes into detail on the recent UK tack from the Cobra Committee and points out that while the Brits go hat in hand to the Mullahs, students are once again attacking  the UK embassy in Tehran.

Also note the lingo change above: the sailors are no longer “kidnapped” or “hostages” but instead “detained”.  pffft!

My previous articles and many sublinks on the crisis can be found at this post.

Also, hat-tip to Kilgore Trout, Liveleak has a photo which proves that the Brits were in Iraqi, not Iranian waters — GPS read from a helicopter above the Ship the Sailors were inspecting, which has not moved anchor since the incident.

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