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Two Moons

The moon’s been rising in the wee hours of the morning so instead of staying up overnight to catch it I am snapping it in the am before it sets. These two were taken with a Canon Rebel XTI, and a Canon Rebel T2I equipped with a 70-300mm EF-S lens. They’ve been cropped down and optimized a bit for the web, but you can still detect the difference between the 10.1 Mpxl and 18.0 Mpxl cameras.

Havasu Moon

We are in Lake Havasu right now packing up mom after her cancer treatment, and we will be hitting the road to ferry her back home and to her second round of treatments later this week. (After two full rounds of Taxol treatments it’s time to switch since the cancer she has now has mutated and evolved to a state that’s resistant to Taxol.)

Here’s a picture I took  the other night from the deck.

The Dark Side of the Moon

The Dark Side of the Moon

darkside-of-the-moonHere’s a long exposure photo of tonight’s moon, the bright half is what you see with the naked eye, but it’s all over exposed. The dark side is visible however, and a nimbus of light appears around the moon from the over exposure. You can also see some star tracks off to the right side. The second photo is taken with a 1/125 shutter speed.