Mt. McKinley


Mt. McKinley

I know it’s supposed to be “Denali” now, but I grew up calling it Mt. McKinley, and I’m not going to change that. This was taken from a moving train, so it’s not the best photo of the park you will ever see. I would love to get back up there someday and take a series of photos with varying settings and meld them to get the perfect photo, but that’s not going to be soon.

Anchorage to Fairbanks on the Denali Star

Anchorage to Fairbanks on the Denali Star

Here’s a bunch of photos I took on the trip compressed in photoshop, then again by uploading to Youtube. If you see one you like pause it quick because each lasts a second or so. Also if you have the bandwidth click on the Youtube icon to blow this out of frame and watch from the Youtube site where you can click the HD button and see much more detail.

Glacier Overflight

Glacier Overflight

While flying up to Alaska we saw quite a few signs of past glaciation in the Rockies, everything from hanging cirques, to tarns, to moraines in the plains leading to the mountains. It wasn’t until we got further north that we saw actual glaciers however. This series of photos were snapped while my aisle mate went to the restroom and I was able to get to the window. Just judging from the flight plan and the poor resolution pics of the areas in Google Earth, I believe most of these were snapped South of the Kluane icefield, with some of the mountains on the Canada side of the border, and some South on the Alaska side. I’m sure someone on the right side of the plane got to see Mt. Logan, but I did not.

Here’s hoping you enjoy the gallery below, the last two were taken through the fisheye lens in the exit door of the plane so there is some color shift and distortion in them:

Three Ring Alaskan Political Circus; Weasel-Eyed Joe

Since it’s Saturday it’s time for some Political Humor with the following two videos:

Then there was the humorous send up of what Weasel-Eyed Joe might say in the debate, I got tied up at work and missed this one:

Wasilla Public Library on Sarah Palin: No banned books … EVER

On the left they are trying to paint Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska as a warmongering end-of-days rabid Christian dominionist, and one of their sallies is to say that she tried to ban books. I happen to know who and where the Christian dominionists and rabid Christian Identity movement people are since we’ve been actively fighting them over their attempts to get creationism into public schools. (See here.) I can tell you that Governor Sarah Palin is not one of them.

If you look at the records of asks to ban books (and the Wasilla Public library records them all,) there aren’t any from Sarah. Here’s the table of requests, and the actions the library took from their records:

If this is the best the left can come up with, they better get ready to weep November 3rd.
Resources: PDF file Link in Wasilla

Sarah Palin Interview

The claptrap going around the left right now is that Sarah Palin doesn’t interview, which is completely wrong if you look at the archives of the Anchorage Daily News. Here’s a previous interview she did with PBS.

Perhaps if the media were to drop the pitchforks, focus on the candidate, and come with some serious policy questions instead of smear tabloid grade crap she would interview with them as well.

The Latest Smear: Sarah Palin Wants to Star in Fahrenheit 451

The left in their desperation to tumble the amazing popularity of Governor Sarah Palin is having a blogfest, email spamfest, and googlegasm over a letter from Wasilla Alaska. The letter was written by a Democrat from Wasilla, who is a disgruntled supporter of former Wasilla Mayor Stein, defeated in election by Sarah Palin. It’s an anomaly as Sarah won the election after that in Wasilla by an even clearer margin of 3 to 1. It’s full of disgruntled allegations and pseudo attacks, and is driving the notion around the net that Sarah Palin wanted to ban books. Like all moonbat letters, this one carries their inevitable line “I’m scared”.

This resulted from Questions Sarah raised with a librarian, and now there are several lies out there feeding off the non-event. Two key facts:

The Librarian was not fired, but was asked for a standing letter of resignation along with several other city officials. It’s normal for Mayors to do this, since they don’t know how cooperative employees of the former opposition mayor are going to be. The librarian quit two years later of her own volition and moved to Fairbanks.

The list of books Sarah supposedly wants to ban is thoroughly bogus, it’s a standard list that has circulated the net for years of books that other people have attempted to ban, and it includes books that were published after the trumped up overblown “incident” supposedly took place.

The list of rumors, innuendo, and outright lies attacking Governor Palin is astounding, imagine the outrage and umbrage the media would be taking if this dirty tricks campaign were against Nancy Pelosi. For the full list please stop by Explorations.