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Why I love Google Image Search

I love Google image search because it provides contrast, e.g. a search for “Kit and Kaboodle” will deliver both this:
Purina Kit & Kaboodle
and this:
National Lampoon's Kit and Kaboodle cartoon

To read the whole classic Kit and Kaboodle cartoon from National Lampoon from 1981 go here. To think that all these years since I’ve remembered it as:

“Blegh… my spine…”
Or you could just buy the complete 246 issue set on DVD here:

What I’m Listening to this week: 06-15-2013

The reigning Kings of Romangst, Jimmy Eat World, have a new album out that’s full of finely planted hooks, well crafted lyrics, and tightly riffed turnarounds that’s well worth a listen; I suspect some young adults will be putting a few of these tunes into heavy personal rotation after that crushing break up comes later this summer.

My Friend, Jim Aiken, is doing a song list which in turn reminded me how long it’s been since I’ve burned a new CD for the car. So I’m setting off to do that – the working title is “Virtual Implements of Allegorical Destruction”, and it starts with “Microphone” from 98° and it’s going to end with “Whistle” from Flo Rida, can you guess the theme?

At 9 bucks for 32 tunes, Monstercat 013 is a freaking steal for fans of Dance/Electronica:

“Tap Out” from Comedown Machine by the Strokes is infectious – and several other tracks get under your skin and burrow in.

The new CD “Like Clockwork” from Queens of the Stone Age tracks well from start to finish:

And to finish off the superb new CD From Bowie:

Fitz and the Tantrums and Vampire Weekend both have May releases that you might want to check out as well, neither one has a tune on my ‘pod yet, but perhaps they will grow on me.