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Blood Moon

Here’s a gallery of moon shots from this morning.









Just for reference here’s a normal, no clouds in sky, everything done perfect moon shot from September of last year:


Crop Factor with ISO & Aperture: How Sony, Olympus & Panasonic Cheat You

Here’s my PSA for today – if you buy one of those small sensor mirror less digital cameras or any other crop factor sensor camera then you really need to pay attention to the math & logic in this video before you buy any expensive lenses. If you don’t you can get really screwed.

Crop Factor with ISO & Aperture: How Sony, Olympus & Panasonic Cheat You – YouTube.

Welcome to the new Host

My blog is now moved over to Hosting Matters due to their “all you can eat for under 12 bucks” hosting deal that I really couldn’t refuse. This is the first real post at the newly moved blog & at this point I still haven’t ported in all the photos yet. So for the next hour or so you will get 404’s if you click on photos…

Here’s a test of media uploading:

A visit to the nursery

Why I love Google Image Search

I love Google image search because it provides contrast, e.g. a search for “Kit and Kaboodle” will deliver both this:
Purina Kit & Kaboodle
and this:
National Lampoon's Kit and Kaboodle cartoon

To read the whole classic Kit and Kaboodle cartoon from National Lampoon from 1981 go here. To think that all these years since I’ve remembered it as:

“Blegh… my spine…”
Or you could just buy the complete 246 issue set on DVD here: