Frankenputer lives Again

The new Motherboard worked, and the Frankenputer media monster now lives again, however I’m in process of reloading Windows 7 anyway since the BIOS and PS are different and I want to enable their advanced capabilities.

Update: all is reloaded and all is well with Frankenputer. My mondo backups are intact, the Netflix, youtube, Hulu, CBS, Mediaplayer, and etc. streaming connections are all set back up, my pictures, videos, and Itunes are all back in place. I’m loving life again…

To give you an idea why this is important my music+video+pics alone over runs an 80gig Ipod, and that media does not include the online streaming, the  Kindle books and PDFs, or the multitude of CD’s and DVD’s  that are laying about ready to play or import in Frankenputer’s DVD drive…

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2 Responses to Frankenputer lives Again

  1. Jim Chase says:

    Can one be rad, and anonymous at the same time?

  2. It’s getting harder all of the time… Awhile back being anon was the coolness, but now everyone knows who Anon on bchan really is… he does TED talks and everything…

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