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Boondock Stooges

James O’Keefe & Co. have reached the nadir of their fifteen minutes, and from here it is downhill. You can read about his arrest, etc here, here, here, and in this video: Many are characterizing him as a self-styled James … Continue reading

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This Afternoon’s Moon

Moonrise was early today in Kansas, I took this about an hour ago but it was up already when I looked at 3:30.

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High Desert Road in Winter

Here’s a spot on the highway between Searchlight and Las Vegas last Friday, most of the clouds were over the mountains and we even hit a few gaps and sunny sections on the way to catch my plane. The flight … Continue reading

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What’s New in Growing Organs

There are some amazing developments in growing internal organs that promise a brighter future for many. As these technologies become standardized they are bound to extend life in the latter two thirds of this century. What if they could “print” … Continue reading

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Obama’s Hyberbole

President Obama decried the new Supreme Court ruling on corporate money in politics stating: The Supreme Court has given a green light to a new stampede of special-interest money in our politics … It is a major victory for big … Continue reading

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Twilight Highway

Twilight highway picture taken as we drove West last week.

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Pat Robertson and Haiti

Pat Robertson’s statement on Haiti has very deservedly and roundly been thrashed and slagged by everyone; however I want to look beyond the outrageous statement at what was really going on. He’s using human tragedy to raise money for his … Continue reading

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A Moral Imperative

This fits with not getting carried away by venting too much, and not acting as if you have a hundred years to live. Most of us do not. On June 13, 2009, Robert Sapolsky, world renowned professor of neurology, neurological … Continue reading

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What Happens Where Tyrants Rule

This is what happens where tyrants rule. Not imaginary tyrants like those dreamed up by paranoid tea partiers, but instead real tyrants like those ruling the United Arab Emirates. Warning: Graphic Violence, but not the spattering blood type. More on … Continue reading

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Pixel Space Advances

This latest example of what’s possible comes from the Intel display at CES, h/t Engadget

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