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Smoking Hot

Smoking Hot Tonight we smoked some pork loins with applewood and applejuice for steam, here’s the firebox.

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Remembering Tiananmen Square

Remembering Tiananmen Square It was 20 years ago today, this event changed China forever.

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Spring Flower

Spring Flower Photo taken while walking, this was snapped with the Canon.

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Irreducible Complexity Debunked Again; DI Trashed Again

Irreducible Complexity Debunked Again NCSE has a new video out covering evolution of the mollusk eye which debunks one of the ID/Creationist’s favorite claims: that the eye is just too complex to have evolved, that each step would need to … Continue reading

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Fossil or Naut? Updated

Fossil or Naut? Updated After examining the odd lump of rock mentioned in the previous post with the magnifier from my Compact Oxford Dictionary I found all kinds of fossils. So it’s not a fossil, it’s fossils. It’s crusted with … Continue reading

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Fossil or Not?

Fossil or Not? I found this buried in the backyard while mowing, Kasey did the initial excavation. It’s oddly shaped, and has crusty things all over the surface, so I’ve been trying to figure out what it is most of … Continue reading

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North Korean Nuclear Test

North Korean Nuclear Test North Korea has performed another underground nuclear test, and test launched more missiles. Video from AP President Obama’s Statement: Today, North Korea said that it has conducted a nuclear test in violation of international law. It … Continue reading

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Memorial Day 2009

Memorial Day 2009 The history of taps from If you’ve been in the military or a military family you have mixed emotions about this 24 note song – heard at dusk it means end of day, you and yours … Continue reading

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Blue Kasey

Blue Kasey If you look closely at a strand of Kasey’s seemingly gray fur with a magnifying glass it appears to scintillate with blue-green light. That’s the spectrum it reflects in, but in most lighting the blue green patches appear … Continue reading

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Watching This is Torture

Watching This is Torture I detest lies.

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