Verizon Math Fail

Verizon Math Fail


“I’m trying to get what you’re saying here, but it’s just not…..”

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5 Responses to Verizon Math Fail

  1. Max M. says:

    Hilarious, these people have no currency conversion skills at all.

  2. ghn says:

    It’s not even conversion. It’s multiplication.

  3. MrPaulRevere says:

    OT: Thanos have you about this? “Ex-Star columnist busted for DUI and driving without a tire” I despised her politics, and her writing style was juvenile and sloppy to be kind….karma baby, karma…

  4. Thanos says:

    Nope, I missed that because… the Star is a McClatchy paper, and I don’t read those.

  5. Outrider says:

    Amazing the level to which math skills have dropped. I can sympathize with the initial clerk though. He might have had some rough customers earlier and ass deep in more customers waiting for his attention when this problem comes up. ;-)>

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