Drill ANWR

This Glenn Beck Rant about ANWR is too good not to post, h/t to Pat Dollard. Some background on this first — you’ve heard the conventional arguments by now, that the plot they want to explore on is miniscule, that polar bears are not really endangered at all, and that drilling in the Arctic hasn’t caused any real problems to date.

I’ve been to the north slope and I’ve even made a wrecker call out on the arctic pack ice (there are roads over the ice in the winter, the tribes use them to visit their relatives and to hunt, sometimes even traveling to Siberia across them.)

The North Slope is a misquito infested bog of ankle-breaking muskeg tundra 2 1/2 months of the year, and the rest of the time it’s a frozen arctic desert wasteland. It’s not pretty, scenic mountain vales as the environmentalists would have you believe – the Brooks Range is well South and the “North Slope” is flat as a pancake on a slightly tilted plate. There are even areas with dunes. Hiking there Winter or Summer is a true test as the bot flies and misquitoes swarm anything with a scent during the short summers, and frozen howling winds scour the hardened, barren plain during the winter. (Ed Ventures does a great job of covering the scenic parts, but it’s not all this pretty. I recommend that you bookmark Ed Plumb’s blog, it’s a great place to see what Northern Alaska is really like.)

While the enviroment is simplex, it’s certainly not as fragile as environmentalists would have you believe. Any “fragility” of the North Slope’s non-diverse environment is more than overcome by it’s sheer vastness. It stretches not just across all of North Alaska, but also through Northern Canada as well, while the biosphere is simplex it is also massive beyond human ability to grasp in size.

If you hiked in a I mile apart zig-zag grid pattern from end to end back and forth across the entire North Slope  you could hike the rest of your life and still not cover it all. (as a crow flies it’s about 2,000 miles from the Alaskan end of the North slope to the Canadian eastern end, the Brooks range varies from fifty to one hundred fifty miles south.  That’s a heck of a lot of square miles to cover on foot, several have trekked it in one trip from the Canadian end of the Brooks Range to the West Coast of Alaska, but none have walked it all.)

To further alleviate environmentalist concern, the State of Alaska has also offered to trade land for the small plot in ANWR that needs exploration and drilling to take care of our energy needs. Remember my iconoclastic view as well: Energy use is good for the environment; but more on that in later posts.

Anyway, here’s Glenn Beck’s rant and his interview with Governor Sarah Palin:

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  1. wildbegger says:

    Gov Palin is right, and it’s time Congress woke up and realized
    who they work for and who is paying their salaries. The people
    in Wash D.C. work for us, not the other way around. The liberals
    are being led around by a bunch of eviormentalists who have
    no idea about the needs of the masses. Do they all walk to
    work and wear plastic???

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