Hackers Take Down Pakistan Daily Times

Hackers have defaced the main online page of the Pakistan Daily Times with this message:

hack3d by ic3d r0s3 :):) greetz to (linuxg0d) ,(savechanges) ,(pagefault) and old whackerz crew;;;;;; to PHA and yeah to the criticized one (abunasar) : keep it up kid;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; and still after 2 yrs ………….. — THIS IS THE END BEAUTIFUL FRIEND ?? ;;;;; Mr. Mush PLz GOOOOOOOOO

Judging from the quote “This is the end beautiful friend” it’s a Doors fan, not a Jihadi.

Newsweek’s Bin Laden


  • You can tell it’s the dog days…
  • you can tell circulation is fading….
  • you can tell Tora Bora is being hit again….
  • you can tell we are nearing the report on the important surge in Iraq…

When magazines retread rumors and old news on Osama Bin Laden.

In Newsweek’s upcoming edition you will see all the old stuff, coupled with a visit to the front in Tora Bora where the Uzbek and Chechens who have been pushed out of Pakistan by Mehsud and the Pakistan army’s separate actions are getting obliterated.

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Hospitals of Death; Pakistan Update

Jo nar totâ mârkar khâve per ke heth,
Kuchh sansâ man na dhare, woh hogâ râjâ jeth.
Jo mainâ ko mâr khâ, man men rakhe dhîr;
Kuchh chintâ man na kare, woh sadâ rahegâ wazîr.

Who kills a parrot and eats him under a tree,
Should have no doubt in his mind, he will be a great king.
Who kills and eats a starling, let him be patient:
Let him not be troubled in his mind, he will be minister for life.

As rumors run in rampant circles regarding Nawaz’s return, the deal with Bhutto, the uniform, and what the Attorney General or the Courts might do, in the frontier the hills echo with sounds of rockets, bombs, and shots. 

Bhutto and Nawaz race to feast on the starling while Mehsud and Zawahiri seek to dine on the parrot. High above all Musharraf still tap-dances across the razor wire between extremism and enlightened moderation.

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Al Qaeda Murders Muslims and Feeds Them to Dogs

zawahiri-dajjal.jpgAl Qaeda is murdering Iraqis again, in the Arab Jabour region – in this case after the possible torture they were tossed in a pit where wild dogs feed.

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The South’s Going to Restive Again

This morning in Thailand a “muslim-separatist” bomb killed a shop owner and injured 11 in Southern Thailand. Once again the press characterizes the South as “restive”. These attacks are coming daily now, and they target Buddhist monks as they gather morning alms — if a Buddhist monk wants breakfast, the preparation starts with gathering alms. They also target teachers, soldiers, police and government personell.

This is a steady campaign of genocide, designed to drive other religions and peoples from the area. It’s pure evil, it’s naked agression, and it’s unholy in any light. All unholy evils wear convenient masks to fool the dull-witted, and who is more dull-witted nowadays than the average press? Hence the south will be restive again.

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New Russian UCAV

Defense tech has the skinny on the new MIG prototype for a Russian UCAV (Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle) with two weapons bays here. Named the “Skat” with the A pronounced long like “Skate”.

Update: Below is some video footage from Moscow news feed — as you can see once armed, the craft will lose much of its “stealth” .

Pakistan Opens the Door to a Dark Past

nawaz-sharif.jpgNawaz Sharif, ex-prime minister of Pakistan is now free to return and contest elections in Pakistan. He is a direct opponent to President Musharraf, and his supporters are the Islamists in JI and IJT who form the base of the Taliban, and their only slightly less agressive political wing. He is the candidate that the MMA is likely to back as well.

Under Nawaz Sharif Pakistan became a nuclear power, and the black market in nuclear components with North Korea and Iran started. Under Sharif, the Taliban were trained by the Pakistan ISI, supplied, fed, and armed by the government. Continue reading “Pakistan Opens the Door to a Dark Past”

Fun With Cameras

sea-monkey.jpg I discovered some amazing new sea life on an expedition recently…. photo to the left.



Ok, seriously this is a picture of a Sea Monkey that my daughter got me several years back. Yes, I am a geek. This was taken with a hand-held Canon XTI, from six feet away with a telephoto lens at max range. That’s a partial print of Thanos you see in the upper left corner, and this is about a twentieth of the actual picture…

Bangladeshi Democracy Riots, Curfews Declared

bangladesh_truck203.jpgIn the wake of student protests for democracy the interim military government of Bangladesh has called a curfew in most cities. One person died in Rhajshaha, and there were 100 injuries as students clashed with police in cities across the nation. Gosh, I thought they didn’t want democracy or freedom?

From Malaysia times:

Dhaka, Aug 22 : Curfew has been imposed in Dhaka and other cities after protests by students turned violent.

One person has been killed and 100 others have been injured as riots by students spread to more universities across the country on Wednesday.

The military-backed government has called appealed for calm, and warned people not to break the law.

The clashes between police and students broke out on Monday.

Students’ demand for restoration of democracy is slowly transforming into a movement and has spread to other main cities of the country.

The BBC report here.

  • Universities have been shut down
  • Curfews set for major cities
  • Mobile networks shut down
  • Media warned not to carry coverage of the riots

The most pertinent quote:

Two other military governments in the past – that of Ziaur Rahman and Muhammad Ershad – were both brought down in protests that were started by students.

Al-Haramein v. Bush; A Zombietime Special Report

Please stop by Zombietime for a special report on a little publicized case titled AL-HARAMAIN v. BUSH. It’s a case about funding of terrorism, the constitution, and what lengths the government can go to or not to protect the citizens of the US. The report is a work in progress, so revisit as Zombie continues the fine work.