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Hate Crime or Protest?

There was a great debate tonight on CNN regarding Stanley Smulevich being charged with hate crimes in New York for his vulgar protest involving two Korans at Pace University. Paula Zahn interviews Christopher Hitchens, and Ibrahim Hooper of CAIR (Council of American-Islamic … Continue reading

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Mission to Mars Launches in August

The University of Arizona is set to launch an exploratory probe to Mars to search for signs of life, and to see if organic compounds and water exist near the surface. The Phoenix mission lifts off in August, and the vid clip below details the mission and purpose.

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Truth in Iran is Punishable by Death

In Iran, they don’t just shut down your paper or station — they put you to death under Sharia law. Truth in Iran is a crime punishable by death. Continue reading

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Pakistan Update

Political Front  There’s a lot of speculation over Musharraf and whether, how, and when he will lose his uniform. My prediction: He will lose his uniform when he decides, which will be after the campaign in the frontiers that is … Continue reading

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Al Qaeda Split Graduates From Blogs to Media

The media has finally noticed the schisms within Al Qaeda, as new evidence of in-fighting hits the press: Lahore, July 30 : A split has apparently surfaced within the al Qaeda over what strategy to adopt as retaliation to the … Continue reading

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Be CAIRful What You Ask For

Regardless, the precedent set by this will in my prediction be little to CAIR’s liking — Stan will find stalwart support, and will be defended. If the suit carries onward then this could go as high as the Supreme Court, but in the end freedom of speech will win over hate crime since nobody was harmed here. Continue reading

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Musharraf and Bhutto: Pakistan United?

The clear thing is that you can’t show a strong hand if you aren’t supported politically, and Musharraf has carefully walked the razor’s edge for years now. Continue reading

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Ramchand Pakistani

While the film is unlikely to be as wildly popular in Pakistan as KhudaKayLiye, it will break the ice on a controversial subject — the policy of each country of detaining each others citizens for eternities after they cross borders illegally. Continue reading

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Cindy and the Troofers

Please stop by Urban Infidel for some great pics of Mother Sheehan and the Troofer acolytes.

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Lal Masjid Update – Demonstrations Interupt Friday Prayers

The terrorist sympathizing student followers of Ayman Al Zawahiri interupted Friday prayers at Lal Masjid and would not let them proceed. They scrawled graffitti on the walls, and female students tried sneaking in. The only thing they didn’t do was … Continue reading

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