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The World of Noblesse

. Here’s a map of my readership, a small but influential and diverse audience.

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Pakistan Update

In Pakistan there are a quarter million homeless people in the wake of Cyclone Yemyin, the largest natural disaster to hit Pakistan since the earthquakes. The rain has affected the entire country, and even folks in the mountains near Chitral have … Continue reading

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AQ Schism in Algeria

There appears to be discord in the ranks of GSPC / Al Qaeda in Algeria, as this confusing article details

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Christian Nurses Re-instated

Justice Iqbal of the Supreme Court of Pakistan has ordered that the five Christian nurses accused of blashphemy at the Mandi Bahauddin Nursing Hostel be allowed to resume their humanitarian duties. The five were accused of defacing Quranic verses on … Continue reading

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Gas Rationing and Inflation in Iran Sparks Riots

The Iranian leadership has come under fire from the citizens as they moved to rationing gas due to shortages. Crowds rioted, and burned gas stations. Continue reading

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Pakistan Update

Things aren’t going great in Pakistan right now, the monsoon has started and hundreds have died to flooding, collapsing billboards, buildings and roofs. North South of Karachi a Cyclone took out part of the coastal highway, and killed 12. Update: Cyclone Yemyin … Continue reading

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