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The Cold War is Over

George Bush got something right yesterday and deserves kudos for it. Missile defense is key to the future safety of all the world. The nuclear djinn is out of the bottle, and it will never be put back again. Continue reading

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Five Christian Nurses Under Threat in Pakistan

In Pakistan there is already one Christian sentenced to death after a brownshirt neighbor turned him in for making comments derogatory to the prophet. The Christian sentenced to death won’t be the last as the religious extremists like Maulana Ghazi from Lal Masjid/Jamia Hafsa and others in Pakistan search for scapegoats and victims. Continue reading

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Pakistan Update

To show what’s going on at the front, from 2001 to present, the total US deaths in Afghanistan is 325, with only 208 being from hostile actions from the Taliban and Al Qaeda. The civilian deaths created by the Taliban and Al Qaeda in the same time frame are ten times that. The Taliban and Al Qaeda deaths are in the thousands every year they fight, last year they were greater than 3,000. AQ and the Taliban are out of competent leaders and for followers they now kidnap children. That’s pathetic.
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Immigration and Graduation

While we are debating immigration should we step back a moment and think about what the policy should be in 20 years if one of these Palestinian Kindergarten Graduates decides he wants to come to america? Continue reading

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