Crows Come Home to Roost, Extremist Roots in Islamabad


All across the muslim world we are seeing muslim vs muslim violence and it will continue. This is the ancient power struggle of the Islamic world, and the payback that Islamic leaders, both secular and religious, gained by nurturing extremism: The crows always come home to roost. -Thanos

That was from a post earlier today, and above is an example. In Islamabad, followers of extremist mullahs at the Lal Masjid Mosque (an illegal mosque, named for it’s red brick facade following the Deoband/Wahabi path of evil,) have taken to the streets. Encouraged by success in previous encounters with the police when they occupied a library, they are imposing their vision of Shariah law on any passer by. Perhaps we should send Rosie O’Donnell to negotiate with these women?

UPDATE: Please stop by Little Green Footballs to view the BBC video on this Madressah.

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The Gridiron Dinner

The annual Gridiron Dinner held for journalists is a long standing Washington dinner, and is usually good for some humorous snips. Last night Dick Cheney had this to say about Al Gore and his profligate use of energy at his home while as “The Goracle” he poses as a prophet of doom:


“Many argue that global warming is manmade,” Cheney said, “and it looks like they found the man.”