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Death and Dystopic Vision

Hollywood producers, directors, writers are full of fear. They are born and bred in a media environment full of fatalistic visions seething fear and paranoia. Most of them believe that no matter what, we are all doomed anyway. They completely … Continue reading

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Kevin Sites Hot Zone in Israel

Kevin Sites is in Israel, I haven’t reviewed any of the vids or material there yet, but here’s the link.

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Past Time to Confirm Bolton

Please sign the petition to congress to confirm John Bolton as our full ambassador to the UN.

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The Religion of Peace

Some of the evil, mistaken leaders think they know Allah’s will and mind, as Oral Roberts thinks he talks to G-d in America, but in reality if Allah does exist no human could be capable of knowing his mind or will, and Oral Roberts doesn’t talk to G-d daily either. Opportunistic use of religion as a foil for a single person’s will is a scourge upon the face of the planet, and persons doing that are dirt beneath humanities feet Continue reading

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Poor Gunter, now a victim

If you have freedom, you have capitalism, if you have some capitalism, you have some freedom. So be very wary of the socialists when they come for your SUV. After all, if we don’t keep consuming then we won’t be able to buy any more third world countries out of abject poverty and destitution like we did with India and China last century. Continue reading

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